Social Impact

The year 2020 was a very challenging year across the globe. The outbreak of Covid-19 has not only led to thousands of life losses but to economic break down. It is during these challenging times that working together and combat the spread of such deadly viruses matters.

Lifestyle Unique Design CC has donated HD Face-shields with a total value of N$220'000 to 18 hand picked Institutions and regions. We have also reserved 60 Face-shields for anyone making a purchase during 2020. We thank our customers for their support and loyalty during this difficult time. Without our customer's support, we would have not been able to make such a donation.

We cannot and should not leave everything to the government. "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” JF Kennedy

Below are some moving thank you letters:


2020 - No tourist visits Namibia and will not make a turn in Opuwo, Zambezi or Kunene Region. The Sans and Ovahimbas are our International representative. We should protect these cultural heritage especially in times like these.


2020 - Teaming up with the Walvis By Corridor Group was an enriching experience. We thank Mr. E Shivute for his guidance on where these Faceshields can really make a big change.

walvis-bay-corridor-group.jpegDonation of HD Faceshields to prevent Covid19 spreadDonation of HD Faceshields to prevent Covid19 spread