Configure your Unique Design

With font-sylfaen-with-claim-with-logo.jpg you can create your own furniture. This allows you to choose from our full selection of sofas and beds. You can choose your own color combination and even change material from Leatherette, traditional cover or even european leather on the whole collection.

Below is an example of our Brienz sofa in some of the different combinations. The price indicated on our website can differ depending on your choice of material. Changing colors does not have a big impact on the price. Choosing Italian leather does.

You can virtually create a single copy of your design sofa in your preferred colors. There is no limitation to the color combination that you can choose from. When you are one of our customers who wants the uniqueness don't hesitate to Contact Us with your personal combination.

We will take care of your wishes, order your combination directly in our hand picked quality factory in China and bring it to your home. This will be manufactured personally for you and travel all the way from Asia to Namibia. Please allow 12-16 weeks for your private creation to arrive at your home.

You can Choose from the following materials:

  • Microfiber Leather
  • Top Grain CN Genuine Leather
  • Top Grain Italian Genuine Leather
  • Top Grain Thick Italian Genuine Leather

Below is Brienz with black headrests and white seating


This is Brienz with black headrests and grey seating


This is Brienz with orange headrests and white seating


This is Brienz with blue headrests and white seating


This is Brienz with green headrests and white seating


This is Brienz with marine headrests and white seating


This is Brienz with violet headrests and white seating


This is Brienz with orange headrests and black seating


This is Brienz with orange headrests and blue seating


This is Brienz with black headrests and red seating



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